Enos Leonhearts
Enos pt
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 23 years old
Height 172 cm / 5'9"
Skills Development
Likes Inventing, naps
Dislikes Crowds, heights

"One of Teo's (former) brothers. Now an researcher/inventor. Crowded or high-up places can make him barf in 5 minutes"- In-Game description.

Appearance Edit


Enos' concept art by Miwashiba

Enos wears a white shirt tied with a black bow underneath a brown coat with very wide sleeves, brown pants and black shoes.

Personality Edit

Enos is a nervous and sensitive person, always responsible with work. He’s a highly talented inventor. Apparently he can’t handle crowded places and gets dizzy easily, so he needs to take a break every now and then. He said he doesn’t like to dwell in the past, and also mumbles to himself when he’s trying to predict the future or make plans.

Abilities Edit

Enos is a highly skilled inventor, capable of inventing devices that can help Cyril steal objects and even create devices that destabilse Efina's powers.

Relationships Edit

Teobaldo Leonhearts Edit

They used to live together in a street on the slums. He was worried about Teo always making everything by himself, and so he suggested to steal some bullets from the gang. Enos actually still believes in him, and seems to appreciate Teo even though he left.

Cyril Leonhearts Edit

They used to live together in a street on the slums. During the incident, Enos is infiltrated as the security chief of the mansion and later switches places with her during the energy blackout.

Gene Leonhearts Edit

They used to live together in a street on the slums. Gene arrived to help Enos, who was tied while playing the victim. They both reunite with Teo and talk about how they felt the time they were apart, having similar opinions.

Trivia Edit

  • He calms down by murmuring to himself.
  • Very energetic people make him worry.

Gallery Edit

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