LiEat I
Developer △○□× (Miwashiba)
Platform Windows
Release date Apr. 26, 2014
Feb. 26, 2016 (Steam)

LiEat I (full title "LiEat The Lie Eating Dragon & the Vermillion Vampire") is the first installment of the LiEat RPG game trilogy following young and unique Dragon Efina alongside her caretaker, Leo.


vgperson DescriptionEdit

A con artist calling himself Leo travels with an unusual girl named Efina.
They arrive in Vermilion Town, and learn of the vampire legend told there.
Leo doubts there's much of value in the town, but if the legend is true...

Steam DescriptionEdit

In the first chapter, meet Efi and her caretaker, the multi-titled Leo, as they happen upon a small town with a big secret. Efi begins to understand the world around her in a different perspective, and the player finds that the legends that haunt the night aren't necessarily just children's tales..


LiEat works like many other PC RPG games, relying on the arrow keys to move, z or enter to use a command; Efina and Leo are used to navigate in the small Vermilion Town with the occasional battle using basic combat action and a classic leveling system.



  • The events of LiEat I take place after the events of the LiEat Novel. This is proven by Carol's conversation with Leo.
    • Carol asks about "the bluebird".
    • She also asks about the dragon egg which she didn't know was Efi beforehand.
    • It can also be assumed that Carol is the "Informant with a hat" from the novel.


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