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LiEat: The Lie-Eating Dragon and the Forgotten-Color Songstress is a novel covering one of the first few adventures of Efi and Teo in Indigo Town.

The novel's divided into two prologues prologue, two chapters and two extras, and also includes multiple illustrations by △○□×(Miwashiba).


The novel is a story which precedes the games about Indigo Town, a town with the legend of a mythical wish-granting bluebird. Teo receves the info from Carol, and arrives to investigate on the matter. He and Efi soon are faced with some strange happenings, and team up to solve the msitery. The plot follows Al from Efi's birth until he uncovers the town's legend, as well as add some details that the games misses.

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The novel is available in Amazon, Kinokuniya and CDJapan. Also, if you got a copy, you can register the serial number of the book and receive a high quality PC wallpaper and smartphone wallpaper by visiting the official site.


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【PV】 LiEat(ライート) 嘘喰いドラゴンと忘却色の歌姫【小説版】

【PV】 LiEat(ライート) 嘘喰いドラゴンと忘却色の歌姫【小説版】

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