Teo ill1
Race Human
Hair Color Orange with red stripes
Eye Color Blue
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 23 years old
Height 170 cm / 5'7"
Skills Lying
“Ask your heart. I bet there’s plenty you want to say. Make it as long as you need to. I’m sure your words alone can save Mischa.”

Theobald Leonhart also known as Al in the LiEat Novel is one of the protagonists of the novel. He travels around with the second protagonist, Efina, and changes his appearance every town he travels to. He has a mysterious past that he doesn't talk about.


He has two flower shaped hair accessories and a black hat decorated with a striped ribbon with a golden diamond at its center. He wears a black waistcoat lined with gold and a frilly necktie over a white uniform consisting of a white shirt with black sleeves lined with gold and white pants. Over it he wears a blue cape with white tufts at the center, as well as a long white scarf covering his mouth, up to the knee black boots and white gloves.


Theo appears more apathetic and blunt than in the games, specially in his relationship with Efi. He seems to only care about work and not being dragged into trouble, but he ends up helping everyone.


He’s very skilled as deception and disguise. He changes his appearance and name every time he travels to a different town, and only a few can recognize him. He is also a extremely skilled liar, to the point that Efi cannot manifest his lies. He is also skilled at recognizing if someone is lying without Efi's help, and is capable of deduction, allowing him to work out who is responsible for certain actions. He carries with him many conceited weapons for self defense.


Efi Edit

As Theo’s getting used to handle her, he’s constantly scolding her and having a difficult time due to her childish behavior. He doesn’t seem very satisfied with being stuck with her, but is still willing to take care of her as best as he can and refuses to sell her for any amount of money.

Phil Edit

Theo’s suspicious of him at the beginning but later helps him save Mischa by explaining everything.

Mischa Edit

He’s constantly apologizing to her for Efi’s behavior, though she doesn’t mind at all.

The Bluebird Edit

He accepted her request and decided to help her out clear the misunderstanding between Phil and Mischa.


  • It is revealed that Theo named Efi after a character from a book he was reading before her egg hatched, as he couldn't be bothered to think of a name for her.
  • Due to Efi’s expenses and her sweet-tooth, he’s having trouble with money.
  • He’s actually very self conscious about having a mean look.

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