Thom Lot
Thom II lrg
Hair Color Dark blue fur
Eye Color Red
Sex Male
Game Information
Age 28 years old
Height 178 cm / 5'10"
Skills Weightlifting
Likes Meat
Dislikes Using his head

“The elder of the wolf twins. Guards the resort entrance. Turns human on full moons. A shouty muscleman.” - In-Game Description.

Thom Lot is a minor character in LiEat II who guards the resort.

Appearance Edit

Thom is a wolf that has a human-like stance, with dark blue fur and red eyes. He wears the guard uniform of the resort, which consists of a light blue cape over a blue coat with short, wide sleeves and a wide collar, a blue hat, blue pants and dark blue boots. Gold stripes colour the edges of the collar and sleeves as well as adorn the shoulders. Two gold stripes also go down the front of the coat with pairs of gold, diamond buttons. From the center bottom of the collar to his left shoulder hangs a thin strip of golden fabric.

Personality Edit

We don’t get to interact much with him, but he appears to be a loud person, kind and not too smart.