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  • Nanatsukki

    Teo's name

    May 31, 2017 by Nanatsukki

    Hey there, this is admin Nana. 

    I came back after finally (!!) getting on midyear holidays and found someone changed many pages, replacing the character Teo's name with its steam translation (Theobald), claiming it was the right one and that Teobaldo was a translation mistunderstanding. Ok, I first though: wha? and was about to reverse everything but then realized. He has a fair point, what to do? I planned to go on and ask Miwashiba themselves to clear it out but then found out how difficult it was to make the question understandable knowing he tends to rely on google translate and backed out and I'm so lost now...

    My opinion: it's just based on style and what sounds better to each language (Theobald's just the english usage of the name whe…

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